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Compass Ministries is here to help adult missionary kids of all ages transition back to living in the United States.

To help you thrive and bloom where you are planted, we provide home groups in the Tampa Bay area where MKs can get together, share stories, heal, and learn the holy scriptures and practical application of your faith – usually over dinner or maybe in an outdoor adventure. Learn more.
Not local to Tampa? We offer community building opportunities and resources online through our website. There, you can listen to a talk or join a group chat or guided discussion. Also learn about other online resources for MKs. Or maybe we can help you start a home group in your own area.
We also provide retreats and seminars several times a year.   Enjoy the mountains of Georgia. Bask in the sun on the beaches of Florida.  Hike wilderness trails and kayak down rivers.  You are guaranteed to have fun meeting other MKs from around the world while attending valuable talks and workshops on relationship skill building for living here in the United States. Find out what's coming up on our Events page.
For MK women, we provide a transition home in Tampa called Ruth House. Women who are on a gap year and need more time to adjust can learn relational, emotional, spiritual, and vocational skills prior to entering college or the workforce.   They will live with other MK women and receive counseling, mentoring, and coaching as they adjust to American living.
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