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Why should you be a Corporate Sponsor for Compass Ministries?

New On the Scene...

Missionary Care

Missionary Care is a cutting-edge ministry focused on caring for those who sacrifice everything to serve others.  Compass Ministries promotes making Tampa bay a welcoming community for missionaries and their families.  This means we are attracting potential customers and new people to the region.  

Market Access

This event will be advertised to multiple businesses and churches within the Tampa bay area.  This is a good investment for your advertising dollars.  

Come set up a booth at your sponsored station and get to meet the participants, advertise your product or service.  

Social Media

By sponsoring this event it will be like adding our donor list to your advertisements.  We will be putting your logo on our updates and ads for this event. 

We are very active on social media with your sponsorship you can become part of our social media circulation.


This means we are attracting potential customers to this region from outside your current market. 

Our Media Partners

Compass Ministries is collaborating with Latin Times Media (LTM) for this event.  LTM circulates a digital and print magazine to throughout the state of FL. 


It also owns and runs the Annual Cuban Sandwich festival  located in Ybor City.  Get noticed by the Latin community when you sponsor us!

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