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Compass leads a community of college-aged MKs who wish to work or go to school in the Tampa Bay area. 

Mentor-ship through the process of cultural adaption, and the challenges of launching into adulthood are addressed in the

context of relationship and community.

Individual Counseling

Often the stresses of cross-cultural ministry bring out emotional difficulties for an individual.  It is difficult to talk about

depression, anxiety or interpersonal challenges with the missionary’s sending church or their mission agency.

Compass provides a neutral, confidential and safe environment to find healing for these emotional challenges.

Marital Counseling

Sometimes, a married couple needs a third party to listen and help them sort out the issues in their relationship.

Missionary couples are no different in this respect than anyone else. A Pastoral Counselor at Compass Ministries

is available to provide sensitive, confidential help.

Filial Therapy ( Play Therapy)

a 10-session training program in which parents are taught how to do non-directive play techniques with their own

children, in order to provide play therapy in the home for their children. Training in how to do Filial Therapy

is a great skill for missionary parents to have in their toolbox, as help for a hurting child is not always readily

available on the mission field.

Individual Debriefing

is a two-day process beginning with structured exercises to help an individual reflect on their experiences

of the recent past, and concluding with an opportunity for the individual to tell their story to someone who

will listen carefully, confidentially, and without judgment. The goal is for the individual to integrate the

various aspects of their experience into a cohesive whole, and to see God’s hand at work in that experience.

Family Debriefing

is similar to a Personal Debrief except that developmentally appropriate activities are included to help

children understand the process of transition and to reflect upon their own experiences. It also gives the

children in the family an opportunity for reflection and validation of their unique experiences.

Counseling for Children

The pastoral counseling is offered in a developmentally appropriate way by a trained play therapist in our

specially equipped play therapy room. Young children (ages 3-10) communicate best through the medium of play.

Those who are experiencing distress due to transitions, trauma, loss or just the common experiences of childhood

often experience healing through the process of communicating their troubles through play, and interacting with

the pastoral counselor.

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"The Bible does not assume that everyone goes. But it does assume that the ones who do not go care about goers and support goers and pray for goers and hold the rope of the goers."
- John Piper

A Welcoming Place for Missionaries and their families


We know that this is a very difficult time for many global workers around the world.  This is why we made every effort to make essential member care services more accessible for you.  Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you can reach us online.  We want to walk alongside you helping build resilience and emotional health on and off the field.  Contact us now.

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