Steven loves Jesus and believes that his faith is defined by both belief and actions. His mission in life was inspired by a speech from US President Theodore Roosevelt, where he issued a challenge to "dare mighty things". Steven realized early in life that one of the mightiest things comes in the form of the humblest, which is, service to another. This realization placed him on a lifelong journey to find out what that looks like in today's world.

After a six-year term as a Budget Analyst in Hillsborough County, FL, Steve co-formed Praxis International, a non-profit organization focus on development in Haiti with five other professionals. He and his family took a five-year assignment in Haiti which ended 2 years early due a family emergency. His early return from this assignment opened his eyes to a world, previously unknown to him, of silent suffering and pain by missionaries and ministers alike.

Steven possesses a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Florida International University and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from University of South Florida (USF). He has also received a graduate certification for Non-profit Management from USF. Steven is married to Gina, has two daughters and resides in Tampa, FL.