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     Compass Ministries is dedicated to providing quality counseling and support services to missionaries and their families. Our counselors understand the unique challenges of living in a missionary setting and are passionate about helping Christian Global Workers and their families navigate those challenges.  We offer our services at the lowest cost or free, depending on the individual's needs. Our mission is to offer hope and healing to those who need it most and support them in every stage of their missionary journey.

How You Can Help

To keep our services to Missionary families at the lowest cost or free, we rely on your financial partnership. Our part is to provide the best quality care to those who are active in the frontlines, as well as those who finished their term. We do this by maintaining seasoned counselors, coaches and Spiritual Directors in our team, operate at the lowest overhead cost as possible, and use alternative revenue streams to keep our programs running. Will you be a Compass Ministries friend and partner with us to help keep Missionary families mentally, emotionally, and spiritually effective in the field and at home?

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Compass Ministries' Videos

Compass Ministries' Videos

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Grey Speaker

Giving Tuesday Livestream

Our Livestream lineup:

12:00pm. Porn Addictions: Craving Intimacy

01:30pm. Mental Health Care: How to build resilience

03:30pm. Global Nomads: Forerunners of global community

05:00pm. Missionary Care: How to be a healthy sending church

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Sharing Pizza

To All Our Compass Friends And Missionary Families
You Are Invited

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Concourse (Adult TCK Ministry) 

is pleased to partner with Compass Ministries to offer a Spring Adult TCK retreat in conjunction 

with our annual Fall retreat in Michigan. 

The retreat is March 22-24, starts at 9:00 p.m. 

Friday evening and ends before lunch on 

Sunday at 11:30 am. 

The retreat provides a safe space for self-reflection, 

intentional processing, community formation, 

connection-making, spiritual and emotional growth, and healing. The schedule includes blocks of free time for hanging out and enjoying the camp's recreational activities.

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