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If you are looking to schedule an appointment with any of our Pastoral Counselors, Debriefers and/or Coaches, please fill out intake form below and submit.



  • Client meets with a Compass-trained volunteer support coach.  A support coach helps by empowering the client through difficult times

  • Maximum six months

  • Free

  • Ideal for support when counseling not needed or as a follow up after counseling



  • Pastoral counseling integrates Christian spirituality & basic counseling techniques to address emotional and spiritual pain

  • Free for first 6 sessions

  • After free sessions may continue with same Pastoral Counselor for $ 30.00 per hour. 

  • Client may receive financial assistance  through the Paul Hazlett Memorial Fund. ($10.00 co-pay per session may apply) no more than 6 subsidize sessions allowed

  • May receive continued support for free from Compass-trained support coach 

Mental Health Counseling

  • Recommended for clients when clinical issues are present that are beyond the scope of Pastoral counseling 

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Fee based $ 75.00 per session

  • May apply for the Paul Hazlett Memorial Fund with a $ 20.00 co-pay per session and no more than 3 subsidize sessions


  • Debriefing is a guided 2 or 3 day reflection to share your story with a Pastoral Counselor and find new perspectives from God. 

  • 3 day debrief with whole family $600.00

  • 2 day couples debrief  $400.00 

  • 2 day individual debrief $300.00

  • All debriefing sessions include materials and lunch

  • Clients must  provide  their own hotel and transportation

  • Ideal when going on furlough or final reentry back into passport country at the end of service



  • Basic Donor Package 

    • 5 Missionary families​

    • $ 500.00 per month

    • 10 counseling sessions 

    • 6 months support coaching

    • 1 Debriefing per familiy per year

    • Unlimited Consultation

  • Sponsor Package

    • 10 missionary families

    • $1000.00 per month

    • 10 Counseling sessions

    • 6 months support coaching

    • 1 Debriefing per family per year

    • Unlimited Consultation

    • Free Training

  • Affiliate Package

    • 20 Missionary families

    • $3000.00

    • 10 counseling sessions

    • 1 year support coaching

    • 2 debriefings per year

    • Free Training

    • Free Reentry Seminars

Child Play Therapy

A trained play therapist counsels children in our specially equipped play therapy room. Young children (ages 3-10) who are experiencing distress due to transitions, trauma, loss or just the common experiences of childhood often experience healing through communicating their troubles through play.

Fill out form below to request appointment

Filial Therapy Training

A trained play therapist provides parents a 10-session training program in play therapy for their children. This is a great skill for missionary parents to have for their child when they are in the mission field.

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