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The Compass House for women is a discipleship program for Third Culture Kids who are seeking a deeper relationship with God while learning relational and life skills to integrate back into North American culture.  The program is also designed to help TCK’s undergoing negative effects of transition and experiencing recurring life debilitating symptoms such as prolonged emotional grief and sadness, emotional anxiety, delayed maturity, betrayal trauma and crisis resulting from critical incidents.  We achieve healing and complete integration by providing a healthy environment through adequate and safe housing, mentoring, coaching and pastoral counseling. We surround the residents with a spiritual community that understands the plight of a TCK and where they can discover who they are in Christ. They then experience interdependence in the culture they currently live in.

Young Women with Backpacks

Reentry- 6 mo.

  • Resident will focus on transitioning and getting acclimated back to US

  • Will work in our industry to learn basic work ethic and vocational skills

  • Intense discipleship class and pastoral counseling

Transition- 6 mo.

  • Resident will be assigned a career/vocational counselor

  • Begin applying for jobs outside of ministry (1 month grace)

  • Will be assigned a life coach and learn how to budget

  • Begin paying rent & utilities

  • Advance discipleship classes 

  • Continue pastoral counseling

Integration- 12 mo.

  • Resident will begin formulating short & long term goals

  • Begin application to Universities or community colleges or technical schools

  • If not going to school a long term vocational career in an industry she/he can thrive and sustain themselves

  • Process of transition to independent living while being immersed in local supportive community (home church and +Compass MK homegroups) and accountability

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