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Events & Gatherings

Our Events and Gatherings are designed to provide support, encouragement and resources for Missionary Families and Adult Missionary Kids. We offer counseling, support services and training to help participants reconnect with their faith, build relationships, and learn new skills. Our programs are designed to bring healing and hope to individuals, families, and communities. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their stories and find the resources they need to move forward. We believe in the power of connection and that, together, we can make a difference.

Filial therapy Training
February 28, 2023- May 2, 2023
Every Tuesday from 12pm- 2pm
Individuals $ 250.00
Couple $ 350.00
Includes 10 Training Sessions

Filial therapy is a powerful intervention that increases parental acceptance, self esteem, empathy, positive changes in family environment and child's adjustment and self esteem while decreasing parental stress and child's behavioral problems.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
+Compass Homegroup

The +Compass Homegroup of Tampa Bay welcomes all MK/TCK's. We are a place to connect with other TCK's, receive support and prayer, learn practical life and relational skills in a biblical context.  We are a community that understands your needs and a safe environment to transition and grow.  We meet every other week, for more info click the join us button.

MK Connect 

An online community for Adult Missionary Kids fosters an environment where they feel heard, belong, and can connect. Being MKs is challenging as we try to understand ourselves and others around us. MK Connect does chats and video gatherings with MKs to hear and share one another's experiences.  

Virtual Team Meeting
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